Saturday, November 26, 2005

Training under tough conditions.

It was a scheduled 16 miler today. Only sanjeev and I were there. The rest of the team is doing it on Sunday.

We didn't get the best of starts! It was raining like crazy..and even by the time we started we were completely drenched. My shoes felt pretty heavy with all the water squished into it.

Later on the weather got better. Thank god, the sun did not come out harshly!..Because thats when it becomes real humid and its like hell running under those last year's freescale (Austin marathon). I had blisters and a great deal of chaffing along with the ususal shin trouble!

Today was better than that. The socks were 'running' material and so I didn't get into trouble. But, with all the rain, all my clothes became pretty heavy with all the water. This is when there is a good possibility of chaffing.

O.K..this might sound gross :) ...chaffing occurs mostly in the inner thighs, under-arms and around the nipples. These are the areas where the clothe gets into diect tight contact with 'moving' parts or skin brushes against skin a lot. Because of the heaviness of the clothes when they are wet, there is more friction and so, skin gets 'chaffed'.

So, I got my first 'nipple' bleeding! the Mile 16 turn around point I decided to do 18 as I was feeling good and not too tired. But, around Mile 14, I started getting this 'itchy' feeling...but, only when I finished, I realized that there was blood on the T-shirt. Its actually not that painful, but its itchy and irritating!

While its seems so amusing to me, sanjeev has had this problem for long. Some runners might get it pretty frequently. But, today the conditions were not that good and thats the reason I saw a lot of ppl (other rogue runners) having the same problem.

O.k..enough of 'Chaffing -101' ;) ...The run as such was pretty good..and hey I ended up doing 2 miles more than what was scheduled! hmm....I am really starting to dig this 'running' thing !..Maybe, I could aim for a 'Under 4 hr' marathon...No, let me not think too far ahead...'No tension'..'No tension'..lets take it nice and easy :)

Hey, if you are reading this blog ,do send me an email and let me know. I am tirelessly filing all information..and I have no idea if anyone is reading this thing!!

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