Friday, November 25, 2005

The Banyan - Vocational training..

We sent the check to the banyan for the vocational training unit from the marathon funds raised last year. As the project co-ordinator, I have been in constant touch with the banyan. Here is an update from them on the vocational training.

We had supported only the tailoring stream to start with. The Banyan bazar hosts products from all streams though. We will be reviewing our progress in this stream periodically to see how we can support the banyan in the future.

Here is the report:

Greetings from The Banyan !!!

Hope you are doing fine. Here is the report from the Tailoring unit of The Banyan.

The month of September has been very good at the Tailoring unit as we saw a lot more additions and innovations and the pace having stepped up with the residents. We have at present 20 residents in the unit each being given individual attention in specific areas in tailoring. Let me introduce their names to you………

<<< I have edited this part out >>>

Last month we started off a Design Studio, where the coordinator and skill instructors and residents of the Tailoring unit get together and design products, the patterns, colors for our products etc. This idea has worked out well and we did a good sale last month of the products that we made at the Tailoring unit. Some of the new innovations in products are Letter holders, college bags, fancy pouches, purses and files.

The expenditure at the unit for the last one and a half month has been Rs.5,300.

· Purchase of materials : Rs. 3,300

· Servicing of the machines : Rs. 1,900

· Buttons and other accessories : Rs.100.

We made a sale of products in The Banyan Bazaar to a tune of Rs. 8,215.

Hope this information would be useful to you in explaining how valuable your funds have been to the Tailoring Unit of The Banyan.. If you feel there is a need for any further details please feel free to ask us. Once again we at The Banyan would like to convey our thanks to you for having come forward to support us in such a noble way.

Thank you,



Co ordinator, Vocational Training & Employment

The Banyan

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