Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Children's day and "Akasmika"....

On Nov 19th, Saturday we had the ICC (India Community Center) Children's day event. We orgainized quite a few games. We had some good publicity and a lot of fun!! Our 'fill-in' newsletter was ready and we distributed those. The kids had great fun and I found I was talented at meddling with fuzzy sticks! (small metal wires that can be bent into any shape)..after a tough morning session, we had a movie event in the evening - "Rang" - the movie series to help the runners fundraise for Asha's cause.

Ashwini and aravind, two runners of Team Asha hail from karnataka. They wanted to raise funds for Srishti Special academy, an Asha Austin project. We screened 'Akasmika', a Dr. Rajkumar movie. Unfortunately, right on the same day the Austin kannada sangha had an unexpected event and we went short on crowd. Nevertheless, the few families who had come to watch the movie were impressed by Ashwini and Aravind's efforts.

Ashwini spoke about Srishti and her understanding of their efforts. It was a short and moving talk in kannada. It made me feel proud and happy to be a part of such a wonderful team of runners!

We hope to have more such movie screenings...

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