Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The event and the race!

I am pretty bad at blogs :( ..For 10 days I couldn't get time to do this thing and now like with any other thing at work..I just do it all at once!

O.K...last week was pretty easy. It was recovery. So, we did an easy 10 mile run (yep..10 miles are easy now :) ..).

The coming weekend is special! We will be organizing a fundraiser movie to support aravind and ashwini's runner funds! This is the first time we are trying out such an idea of helping runners out...heck! whatever we have done so far has been the first time in austin anyways :)

After a couple of events on saturday, we will be racing at MGP on motive half...'Team Asha's' first official race of the season- i.e. The entire team (almost) will be racing together! More about this after I finish it.

Getting up today at 5:20 with the temperature outside at 35-40 F was NOT fun :( ...I have also been icing my shins like crazy. 12 mins each leg, twice in a day. Hopefully it shouldn't give me much trouble.

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