Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Lab..

This week we did "The Lab"...Its a 3.5 mile loop done 4 times. We did the first one as a warm-up. The next two were at a higher pace called the MGP - marathon goal pace. The idea is to run at a speed you want to complete your marathon in.

Last year around this time I was limping around because of "*@#$**! shin splints!". But, this time I am not at that bad a state. Actually, the run was good. Gaurav (The A+ student with Team Asha...has been the most regular for runs/workouts/seminars etc. in our team) and me did the next 2 loops at 8 mins a mile (though the intention intially was 9 mins). The last loop was a cool down loop. Overall, we did 2:06 at about 9 mins a mile for the 14 miler. This is probably a PR for me!

We also got our much awaited "Neon Yellow - Ignore me if you can!" Asha T-shirts. Our coach, steve had this to say - " You guys are LOUD usual!".

We had a great Pasta dinner party the previous day. Well, I messed it up a bit with some burnt barbeque style 'Palkkad pasta'. I would rather not comment a lot about the pasta...I have got 'shredded' enough by junta for it!!

I will soon have more information posted on how instrumental the marathon efforts were for the different efforts Asha was invoved with over the last year.

I will be posting information here and also will send personal mails to every donor who helped me succefully raise $5424 and beat my target of $200 a mile last year!!

It was an unforgettable experience...the feeling of crossing that finish line..and more so the feeling of reaching the fundraising target.

I sincerely hope all you ppl out there would help us reach out to and create more opportunities for the underprivileged we all strive for...

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