Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Lab again!

I was really caught up at work and couldn't keep the blog updated on time.Sorry!

The 1st week of December :

This was a recovery week and we did 10 miles. I got a new pair of shoes and got adjusted to it. I was worried that it might cause more strain on my shins...Thankfully, it was no better than the old shoes or worse :)

I stopped icing my shins. Because the swelling and pain had decreased. If I just keep icing it when there is no pain or swelling, I will end up injuring it again :)

2nd week of December :

We all did the LAB again. 2 miles warm up, 4 laps around the 3.5 mile loop at MGP and 2 miles cool down. Well finally I have understood what MGP means...Its just the pace better than your easy pace ..tough enough so that you can't converse as easy as with the 'easy' runs and slow enough so that you don't burn out.

Finished the 14 miles in 2 hrs and did the warm-up and cool down at 10 mins a mile to finish the 18 miles in 2 hrs and 41 mins.

This is good going and if I can hold on to this time, I might have a good chance at a sub 4 marathon! But, I have got to be careful and take it easy :) ...

The recovery from this long run was pretty long. My legs were aching like crazy and as much as I tried to cover it up..I was limping at work for a couple of days.
Thankfully no sustained injuries!

Ashwini and aravind did great to finish the run after starting late. They have been giving their all and have been putting in a splendid effort! I really do admire them for what they are doing. It could be very easy to drop off from long runs. But, they have patiently gone through numerous pains and have sticked to the plan !

Wishing them a wonderful marathon! They keep joking about they running slow and ppl passing them etc...but, the truth is "ITs NOT ABOUT HOW FAST!" ...running fast might mean more effort on your legs to pound faster etc...but, to run for a 'LONGER' time requires more endurance skills....

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