Friday, December 23, 2005

18 miles and going....

Wow we did eighteen miles again on Dec 17th. I was pretty busy at you can see from the haphazard postings :) . I had 2 hrs of sleep and I had to do this eighteen miles on a saturday morning! Well this was almost the last straw for me..

It took me 15 mins to wake up and when I brushed my teeth I felt like puking !!

Well, I learnt my lesson...proper sound sleep is necessary for every run. It took me 4 hrs to do eighteen miles and it took me 2 hrs and 41 mins to do it the previous week for the lab. The lab was flat and the brom (that was the name of this run) was a bit hilly. Nevertheless I could feel that I was going much slower than my easy pace.

At least there was ganesh and savitha for company. Ashwini and aravind had to return at the 2 mile point because ashwini had severe back pain.

This is a very tough phase in training. Most runners are prone to injuries at this time. The most common being ITB .

We had a new half-marathon runner in the team joining us in the run. Purna will be doing the half-marathon in just under 2 months of training. Even after the coach scared him like hell, he was hell - bent on undergoing the challenge. Welcome purna! You are truly one of the gang :)

After about 4 hrs and a tiring 18 miles in temperatures of 30-40s, I got 4 hrs of sleep and was back at work :( ..

At least I can look forward to 2 weeks of recovery runs during the hols and no work! Will be off to North carolina to meet up with my cousins..its been more than 10 years since the three of us met!

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