Saturday, January 14, 2006


Recovery is an imporatant aspect of the training. The human body is not used to the kind of abuse it undergoes by a runner :)

After the 20 miler I really couldn't walk properly for 2-3 days. What is the best soultion to recover from a pounding this bad ?

Pour 3-4 10 pound ice bags in the bath tub and open the tap to add some really cold water and then immerse yourself for 12-15 mins.

No..its not more torture to make you feel better :) ..This is the treatment for sore muscles. I did try it out and it did work! I recovered pretty well. The extreme cold treatment treats your muscles well and breaks down the lactic acid build up in your muscles. A shower in warm water just after that lets the blood flow through and thats just what the doctors would order.

We did a 10 mile recovery run this weekend. I know how it sounds..a 10 mile run for recovery!! Well, there is no turning back now and we are doing distances in the 20+ range. Of course, 10 miles would be a welcome respite! Next week its going to be 24 miles - the longest run before the D-day!

I sincerely hope all our team members have recuperated from the tough runs. I know its not going to be a pleasant experience. But, I atleast hope none of us face any serious problems!

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