Monday, September 24, 2007

Four runs.

Well there are four of us from Team Asha - Vinod, Ganesh, Gaurav and me who are training for the 100 mile run this year. This being my last while in Austin, we wanted to make this memorable :) - So, we decided to mix the training with some interesting running projects!

We took on 3 more popular tough trail endeavors - The Big Horn 50 miler, Pikes Peak Double - (Ascent and marathon up 8000+ ft elevation), Grand Canyon ( A rim to rim to rim run through the depths of the canyon for 44 miles and gruelling elevation) and culminating in Cactus Rose - the no support, on your own 100 miler!

You can read all about the races in the side menu titled 'The four runs'. The travel and runs across different terrains has made the experience surreal. Ironically I get to see the heart of the country in its plains, mountains, creeks, valleys, flower beds ...just when I follow mine out of here.

My parents visiting me, makes the whole effort memorable as anything I have been through! Its going to take some good convincing on my part to make my parents understand that its ok for me to do this - especially the running through nights etc. :)

Well at least I have to only deal with a couple - The Grand Canyon Run and the 100 mile. The other two projects are done and you can read more about it in our team blog

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